Tuesday, 13 February 2018

#674: The Spook School - Could It Be Different?

The world is a weird place to live at the moment. On the one hand, it’s never felt more progressive and forward-thinking, as the attitudes of younger generations generally become more liberal than those that came before them. On the other however, and in what feels like a direct reaction to an increasingly tolerant Western world, conservative ideologies, both extreme and otherwise, are on the rise. As such, ‘Could It Be Different?’, the third album from Glasgow four-piece The Spook School comes at a vital time, and clutching a vital message.

#673: Brain Fallon - Sleepwalkers

While the opening guitar/organ combo of Sleepwalkers might well share more in common with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, or more recently, Haim, it’s a record takes little time to establish itself as quintessential Brian Fallon.

#672: The Menzingers, O2 Ritz, Manchester

Arguably one of this generation of punk’s consistently impressive bands, Pennsylvania’s The Menzingers have been turning heads since their inception back in 2006. Now five albums in to a 12 year career, the four-piece may have mellowed somewhat over time, but they still they possess plenty of bark and bite to keep even the most ardent a punk appeased. Don’t believe me? You obviously haven’t seen the band live.

#671: Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods

“Y’all can’t do better than this,” proclaims the opening line from ‘Midnight Summer Jam’, the second track on Justin Timberlake’s fourth album, ‘Man Of The Woods’. While many would argue that such a statement is just typical pop music posturing, the fact is that it’s something else entirely. It’s got to be.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

#670: Pale Waves - All Those Things I Never Said

If 2017 proved to be a whirlwind year for Manchester’s Pale Waves, 2018 is likely to be something else entirely. As if earning fifth place in the BBC’s Sound of 2018 wasn’t enough, this month also sees the four-piece release All the Things I Never Said, their Matt Healy-produced debut EP.

#669: A Grave With No Name - Passover

Written during a stay at his family home following the death of his grandmother, ‘Passover’ is the sixth album from songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Shields, otherwise known as A Grave With No Name. Like much of his previous output, it's equally as arresting and intriguing as it is sombre and sincere.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

#668: Synths and Sensibility: Catching Up With...Acre Tarn

In creating sounds and music that are difficult to categorise, to pigeonhole, bands run the risk of alienating their established fan-base, or worse still, failing to establish that fan-base to begin with. Fortunately for the London-based, Lake District’s Acre Tarn, their esotericism is what makes them so utterly irresistible to begin with.